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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Visiting a Chihuly in Person!

Two weeks ago, we visited my in-laws in Racine, Wisconsin. When I posted our Chihuly project, my sister-in-law let me know that there was a Chihuly sculpture in the Johnson Building (as in SC Johnson) downtown! I was sooo excited to show the girls one of Chihuly's sculptures in person. They loved his work and that project so much, I knew they would be really excited to see it. And better yet, the Johnson Building was just two blocks from my husband's grandparents.

So the girls and I walked over there one morning and also got a treat in seeing the annual art sculptures downtown. Every summer, local artists decorate "something" and the objects are auctioned off. In past years we've seen lighthouses, Adirondack chairs, and this year it was big flower pots. Here are a couple of the ones we saw on our way. (sidenote: I was so mad--I forgot my good camera that morning so I had to use Lily's point-and-shoot).

The girls really enjoyed seeing the Chihuly sculpture. I believe it's known as the "Johnson Chandelier", but I'm not sure that's the official name of it. They couldn't believe it was three floors tall.

I really need to start taking them to art museums. I know, probably shocking that we haven't done that yet. :-) But, with the arrival of Kellan (our 18-month old son), some things were put on the back burner. Visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is on my to-do list with the girls though. I think they would really love it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

2011: Art Project 6--Chihuly Inspired Sculpture

I first heard about Pinterest a couple months ago. Heard it was awesome, but didn't feel like I needed one more thing to be obsessed about on the computer. Then I came across an art blog where the blogger was talking about Pinterest. I decided to check it out and had a friend of mine "invite" me to join. Oh my gosh! This website is awesome!! It's a super easy way to bookmark ANYTHING on the internet into categories so you can remember it and come back to it. I've been addicted to it all week; found new recipes to try, new activities to do with the kids, AND new art projects! I came across THIS Dale Chihuly-inspired art project.

I had a completely different project planned for the girls' art journal this week. But once I saw this and how easy it is to make it (shrinky dink paper, permanent markers, and a glue gun!) I scrapped the original project idea and we have spent the last three days working on this:
The girls and I actually started this before I showed them images of Chihuly's work. When I finally got around to showing them images they LOVED his stuff! I got all of these images as screen grabs from Google Images. But you can find good information about Dale Chihuly on his website.
The girls immediately picked this one (above) to see larger. Then I told them it was on the ceiling in a hotel in Las Vegas and they thought that was sooo cool!The one above was Ella's favorite. I could have have called that, it has her favorite colors of lime green and blue. And Lily really liked the spiky ball below. I could look at Chihuly's work all day long. It's so interesting and beautiful.So we set out to make a sculpture inspired by his work. We each made a larger shape that I planned to use as the base. And then we used the scraps and colored strips to make curlicues.

I usually just let the girls do their own thing with my guidance for our projects. But I was sooo excited about this project I had to join in so my piece is below. :-)

We cut around some of the shapes hoping they would have a more organic shape after we baked them.

We figured out that it worked well to make thin stripes (coloring both sides of opaque white shrinky dink paper) and cut them up. Once baked, they made fun curly pieces.

Above: Some random shapes and colors Lily decided to try. :-)
To bake them, I used parchment paper on cookie sheets. I figured out quickly it was best to bake only one piece at a time so I could watch it and quickly remove it, mold it if I felt like it and put it aside to cool. The girls obviously didn't really participate in this part. But they loved watching through the oven window to see when the pieces started to curl.

Last step--Gluing the sculpture together:
Step one: a solid base using the larger pieces.
Step 2: Adding the medium/thicker curlicues.
Step 3: All the little curlicues left!
I let the girls pick out which pieces I should glue next and
give me their opinion on where they thought the pieces should go.
The FINISHED product!

Honestly, this project took forever! Hours! BUT, I LOVED it! The girls liked it a lot and we're all very proud of our masterpiece. They even had to bring it over to Gramma and Grandpa's house tonight to show them they were so proud.