Project Categories

Projects relating to Art History & Artists
Posts within this category feature an artist and focus a bit on the artist's style or art time period using art historical examples as background.

Projects relating to the Elements of Art
Posts that specifically teach the elements of art in general (posts do not include artist examples) including lines, color theory, painting, 2-Dimenional art (such as drawing, painting, collage, etc), and 3-Dimensional art (sculpture, clay, etc).

Craft Projects
Posts relating to fun craft projects not specifically tied to art history, usually include cutting, gluing, beads, paint, etc.

Handmade Holiday Gifts
Posts that provide inspiration for creating your own gifts to give to people for the holidays!

Projects by Age Group
Toddler (under 3 years
Preschool (3-5 years)
Elementary School (5+ years)

Projects by Difficulty Level
Project Level: Easy
Projects absolutely anyone can do, for any age group.

Project Level: Average
Projects that may be a little more difficult, but still not too hard.

Project Level: Advanced
Projects that take quite a bit of parent involvement, are time consuming or require special skills.