Monday, July 11, 2011

2011: Art Project 4--Foam Mosaics

Well, not every project can be a complete success, right? I should have skipped the week after Fourth of July for our art project. We had tennis in the morning on Tuesday so we were doing the art journal project in the afternoon after a full weekend of busy days and late nights. Not a good combination at all! But I decided to post the project idea anyway, even if I don't have finished project photos.

I thought the girls would absolutely LOVE this idea. I spent over an hour cutting up foam into little pieces they could use to make mosaics. Ella especially loved the button mosaics last summer so I thought this would be a big hit. I tried to make the mosaic pieces so they weren't too small, I didn't want them to get discouraged by the project taking too long. I found these 6" x 9" foam pieces in a set at Michael's on clearance. These were quite a bit cheaper than the buttons were. I still have a ton left over that I didn't cut up yet so a little goes a long way.

I think part of the problem with this project is that I left it completely 100% open. They could make ANYTHING. I think that was a bit overwhelming after our weekend festivities. So, if I did this again, I would give them a bit more direction on what to make.

Lily decided to work on a butterfly and Ella wanted to make a vase of flowers similar to the Van Gogh project we did a few weeks ago. It all started off fine, but then Ella tried to erase some of her pencil lines but glue had mixed in with them and they wouldn't erase. She wasn't happy about this and abandoned her project. It's too bad too because I think her mosaic was looking really cool! I kept it hoping maybe she'll want to finish it at some point. Once Lily saw that Ella wasn't going to finish hers, she decided she didn't want to finish hers either. So we had two unfinished projects last week, but a fun idea in theory! :-)

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