Friday, October 28, 2011

Nightstand Lamp Re-do

I was browsing around a free app on our iPad for Family Fun Crafts one day this summer and came across a project to redo a lamp for a girl's bedroom. The project in the app looked like this:
I thought this would be perfect for the girls! One of my daughters already had a pink lamp exactly like this in her bedroom. They have these at Target. I waited until they were on sale and got one for my other daughter for $12.99. I bought ribbon that would match their rooms from the $1 bin at Michael's and fake flowers on sale for 50% off (they came to $1 and $2 for each stem). The only other thing you'll need is a hot glue gun! I had the girls help me make decisions about what color ribbon to use, where it should go and how the flowers should be put on. I did do all the hot-gluing myself.
Lamp Re-do #1:
The Supplies: lamp, hot glue, ribbon and fake flowers.
Step One: cut ribbon in lengths that will fold over the top by about an inch and under the bottom edge of the lampshade by about an inch. Hot glue each ribbon equal distance around the lamp (I didn't measure, just eye-balled it). Before I started gluing, we cut the ribbon first and sort of laid it out so we would know about where the ribbon would go. And how many we needed of each color ribbon. Step Two: We put a contrasting ribbon around the top and bottom of the lampshade. I just put a dab of glue in a few spots all the way around.Step 3: Hot glue flowers where desired on lamp. My older daughter isn't quite as girly as my younger daughter, so she just wanted a few flowers in one spot. Also added a flower on the pull chain. Voila! A new lamp!Lamp Re-do #2:
Step One: Add vertical ribbonsStep Tw0: Add top ribbon only.Step 3: Hot glue flowers around the bottom at ends of vertical ribbons.Voila! Girly Girl Lamp!

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