Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Party: Toy Story Alien Cupcakes!

My son's birthday was yesterday. I remember I paid $25 for a 1/4 sheet cake last year from the bakery to have a nice Woody & Buzz Toy Story cake. After the fact, I thought that was CRAZY! He turned two this year and I just didn't feel like going overboard for this birthday or spending that much on a cake. Not that it's not important...every birthday is important. I just know he's not going to remember this one and I guess I was feeling a bit lazy after all the holiday hoopla. I came across a photo of alien cupcakes from Toy Story on the Disney Family website. I have NEVER been a cake/cupcake maker. My past couple attempts at dealing with frosting have been dreadful! But these didn't look too difficult. And as a sidenote, my sister-in-law started a blog called "If I Can Do It, So Can You" She decided to start trying to do things out of her comfort zone (like sewing and scrapbooking). She actually does create amazing cakes (those are IN her comfort zone!). ;-) And she has made my daughters some really fun cakes for their birthdays. I decided to be inspired by her and do something out of my comfort zone.

Aside from the cake mix and frosting, here are my supplies (I cut up the extremes candy belt):
When I emailed my sister-in-law to see if she had any advice for me, she suggested I look for these candy eyes:
Image taken from the Wilton website.

I found them at Michael's. Soooo easy! I also used the buttercream frosting recipe from the Wilton website thanks to her advice and it was DELICIOUS!! I used the tip of a leaf cookie cutter to make the ears.

Here's how they turned out:
They were met with a smile! So I think they turned out all right. Everyone seemed to enjoy them! And I feel like for me personally they were pretty much a cupcake success.
I thought I would also quick show our centerpiece for the table:
My daughter received this small claw machine for Christmas 2010 and usually it is for candy. But we thought it was fitting for this party. :-)

Sidenote: I know my posts of late have been a bit off track of the original art purpose for this blog, but I feel like they do fall into the "craft" part of Holly's Arts and Crafts Corner. Hope you don't mind the crafty diversion! :-) I will get back to our more educational art lessons this summer. I'm already making plans. I have some art book reviews to post soon as well.

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