Thursday, April 26, 2012

Craft Project: Tie-Dye Spring Flowers

My husband has been traveling more this past month than he usually does. He's usually gone a few nights a month here and there. He has been HOME ONLY for a few days this month. So I've had to stay on my toes, especially on the weekends (when the kids are usually doing fun "Daddy" activities) and everyone is home together. Last weekend, we worked on two projects. For the first one, we were inspired again by Mom to 2 Posh Lil' Divas. What I like about her blog so much is that many of her activities are SIMPLE, yet fun! Really, we just revamped the Tie-Dye Easter Egg project for spring.
We created flowers from coffee filters using Do-a-Dot Markers.
My older daughter (the two left flowers) followed the same steps as the Mom to 2 Posh Lil' Divas project by folding the coffee filter in quarters and using the Do-a-Dot markers to create a tie-dye effect. My younger daughter decided to just create hers without folding them. I think each of them turned out great!
Here they are in our art room window:

I used Crayola window crayons to draw in the leaves and stems. It really helps to make our window bright and cheery!

I had cut out the flower shapes for the girls because I had an idea for what to do with the outer ring left from the cut flower shape. I have an uncle who is very ill at the moment. I decided it would be fun to send him some of the girls' artwork to cheer him up. So we used the outside filter rings to create large flowers on construction paper. First, the girls decorated the rings with the Do-a-Dot markers.
Then they glued them on the paper and decorated the inside of the flowers and around the outside to make pretty spring pictures.

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