Friday, August 31, 2012

Art with a Creative Spin

When I repurposed the loft into an art room, I purchased a lazy susan from IKEA for $7.99. Generally, we keep it in the middle of the table so the girls can easily share supplies. One day, my younger daughter had a friend over for a playdate and they came up with a new version of spin art!

They taped paper to the lazy susan and used crayons to create spin art! Isn't that awesome!
Give it a spin and barely touch the crayon to the paper.

You can even do this with a friend or as a group project and see what the end result is.

 Markers work great too!
Luckily, these were washable markers and nothing a little magic eraser can't clean off!

You could have kids create the spin art and then they could color it in with different colors. You could even had a bit of oil to it afterwards to create a sun catcher and hang it in a window.

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