Thursday, February 6, 2014

A "Scoop" Above the Rest: Scoopers!

My son received a set of Learning Resources' Scoopers for his birthday. I actually put them on his wishlist and I'm sooo glad I did! I wasn't sure if we would really use them a lot. But oh my gosh! We use them all the time. These are so versatile!
I originally bought them to go with this sorting pie toy because I thought they would be easier for him to use than the tongs that came with the pie set. He loved playing with the pie and refused to use his fingers at all. He HAD to use the scoopers.

Then, I refilled our sensory bin for Valentine's day with epsom salt. I thought it might be fun to use the scoopers with the salt.

I was looking at Pinterest the other morning and my son came over and sat on my lap. He was very interested in what I was looking at and he pointed to this sorting activity in my Pinterest feed from Buggy and Buddy. But instead of measuring cups to scoop pom poms with, we used our scoopers!
BUT. The MOST FUN way we have used the scoopers was in the SNOW! We live in Minnesota, otherwise known as Polar Vortex Central.
Our backyard and neighbor's yard one morning. This has been our reality all winter long. Ridiculous, even for Minnesota!
And we have had exactly one day in the last two or three weeks that it was warm enough to play outside for any extended time period. Nevermind that it was snowing like crazy. Blizzard-like snowing. The kids wanted, no, needed to be outside for a bit. They thought it would be fun to try the scoopers while they were out there. And I must say, they were entertained for 45-60 minutes out on the deck!
Look at his face as he tries to keep it from breaking! So cute!
Perfect mini-snowball!
 Working together!
A mini snowball pyramid!

 Kellan decided to use the scooper as a tool for eating the snow! He's such a cutie!

And that's not the end of what you could do with these! They have little holes in them. I think they would be amazing fun in a water table or splash pool in the summer. They might also work great with really fine grain sand. Or even playdoh!

Have your kids ever used Scoopers? What unique way do you use them??


  1. Здорово! Теперь и я хочу такой наборчик для детей.... Уже много идей роится в голове, как их использовать! Спасибо!

    1. Wow! Now I want a naborchik for children .... Already many ideas swarming in my head how to use them! Thank you! (translated comment above).

  2. I've never seen these before but they look like so much fun. I bet they'd be fun to use with kinetic sand. I can't believe how cold those photos look brrrrrrr!