Friday, May 27, 2011

2010: Art Project 5--Warm vs. Cool Colors

The next project was slightly more successful than the last project. But I decided I really need to do these in the morning because when the girls are tired they are not as cooperative as I would like.

After the less than successful attempt at pointillism, I decided to take a break from artist inspired projects and just do something I thought would be fun.

I found this on my favorite art blog:
The point of this is to use warm colors on the hand and cool colors on the outside. Great for teaching the concept of warm and cool with colors. However, my girls were in a mood. So I decided it would be better to not try and teach them anything and just let them pick whatever colors they wanted. The effect is not quite the same, but I think they sort of enjoyed the project. At least better than Seurat. Top is Lily's, bottom is Ella's.

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