Friday, May 27, 2011

2010: Art Project 6--Henri Rousseau

Today's project went much better than the previous two. I made sure to do it in the morning and the girls really seemed to enjoy this one. We had better attitudes and they were much more enthusiastic.

The topic today was Henri Rousseau. He was a painter from France who is known for his jungle animal images. Interesting to note: He never visited any exotic places or saw any jungle animals in person. I told the girls some artists paint what they see and others use their imaginations and paint images from their heads. I also asked the girls what jungle animals they could think of. They said tigers, lions, monkeys, zebras. Then we looked at Rousseau's paintings with many of those animals.
Here's a few examples of Rousseau's work:
I used this image from Art Projects for Kids as inspiration:

And the girls went to work:
In the above photo, you can see the orange circle we used to make our tiger face and body. I simply cut down a small paper plate.And here are their finished projects, Lily's is on top, Ella on the bottom:

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