Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craft Project: Super Easy Beaded Bracelets

Mt. Vernon, Iowa is a fun little town about 25 minutes from my mom's house. The girls like to go there when we visit because there are a couple cute little shops, including an antique store that also sells beads to make jewelry.
They had this very cool coiled wire to use instead of some sort of elastic or other type of string. We spent maybe $11 and got enough supplies for the girls to each make two bracelets.
I used a needle-nosed pliers and bent the end of the wire so the beads would stay on:
The wire was pretty easy for the girls to thread the beads onto, though you had to be a little careful about it snapping back if you let it go.
The finished product:


  1. Hi Holly,

    How did you attach the wire together at the end so it wouldn't poke out? Do you just stretch out the wire to get the bracelet off?

  2. Good question Tara! The girls put beads on so that it would wrap about 1 1/2 times around their wrist. I just cut the wire with a wire cutter and bent the end into a loop (just like the beginning in the photo--with the lime green background). So the bracelet ends up just wrapping around their wrist as opposed to two ends attaching to each other.