Sunday, November 27, 2011

Handmade Holidays 2011: Advent Calendar

Two pins on Pinterest caught my eye this fall....
LOVED the idea of Christmas "experiences" to count down to the big day, versus getting candy or just a random something or other, or just flipping open a flap. And then I saw this:
And thought what a cute way to display an advent calendar. I also happened to have some Christmas scrapbook paper laying around I was going to use for something else. I decided not to do that project this year, so the paper would be perfect for this. Pink Suede Shoe has a whole tutorial for making these trees. I altered it a bit and made my own template because my paper was smaller.

I stuck little pieces of paper with the day's activity or statement in the cone before adding a paper circle to the bottom. I did put candy in one cone and little Christmas erasers in another. I just used four glue dots on the bottom of each cone to adhere the white circles. Then, the kids can easily remove the white bottom and hopefully we can reuse the cones from year to year.
We displayed our cones on a bookshelf. Here they are waiting for December 1st to open the first one.
My cutie wanted to pose in a photo as well, so how could I not post that one too. ;-)

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