Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011: Art Project 8--Matisse, Egyptian Curtain

This week we were inspired by a project over at Art With Mr. E. His first-grade project inspired by Matisse's Egyptian Curtain painting:
Egyptian Curtain, 1948
Harmony in Red, 1908
Blue Window, 1912
Interior with Phonograph, 1924
Large Red Interior, 1948
We talked about all the interior scenes in these images from Matisse and the bright colors he used. We talked about how he liked to put a window in the rooms. And often they had table with flowers or fruit. The girls set to work creating their interior. I helped Lily a bit just drawing the rectangle for her window and the table. She did the rest.

After drawing in their pictures, they colored them in with markers:

They created a wallpaper pattern for the background of their pictures. After coloring them in, we cut out scrapbook paper and attached it to the side of the paper with glue stick to create the curtain.

Here are their final projects:
Ella's Matisse inspired work
Lily's Matisse inspired work

I love the colors Ella used. She wanted to make her window and table smaller so she could add a rug. She did a fantastic job making the front of her table wider than the back to give it perspective. She did that all on her own! And I love that Lily mimicked her curtain pattern in the wallpaper with opposite colors. I'm not even sure she did that consciously or if she just did it because pink and purple are her favorite colors. But it worked out really great!


  1. I just discovered your blog.
    Your children are creating some amazing artwork.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! :-)