Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Visiting a Chihuly in Person!

Two weeks ago, we visited my in-laws in Racine, Wisconsin. When I posted our Chihuly project, my sister-in-law let me know that there was a Chihuly sculpture in the Johnson Building (as in SC Johnson) downtown! I was sooo excited to show the girls one of Chihuly's sculptures in person. They loved his work and that project so much, I knew they would be really excited to see it. And better yet, the Johnson Building was just two blocks from my husband's grandparents.

So the girls and I walked over there one morning and also got a treat in seeing the annual art sculptures downtown. Every summer, local artists decorate "something" and the objects are auctioned off. In past years we've seen lighthouses, Adirondack chairs, and this year it was big flower pots. Here are a couple of the ones we saw on our way. (sidenote: I was so mad--I forgot my good camera that morning so I had to use Lily's point-and-shoot).

The girls really enjoyed seeing the Chihuly sculpture. I believe it's known as the "Johnson Chandelier", but I'm not sure that's the official name of it. They couldn't believe it was three floors tall.

I really need to start taking them to art museums. I know, probably shocking that we haven't done that yet. :-) But, with the arrival of Kellan (our 18-month old son), some things were put on the back burner. Visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is on my to-do list with the girls though. I think they would really love it.

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  1. You need to take the girls to the MPLS Institute of Arts during the Christmas season when they have the period rooms decorated for the holidays. They are fabulous!

    You have taken them to the Walker Sculpture Garden, right? If not, Kellan would enjoy that art adventure, too. It's a great place for photos as well.