Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craft Project: Easy Duplo Lego Puzzles

I came across this idea on my good friend Pinterest. Simply print out or find images that will fit onto the front of two Duplo lego blocks (we have a whole bin of these already). Cut image in half. Use packing tape to affix them. Voila! Super easy two-step puzzles for your toddler. My son still doesn't quite get the concept of putting them together to make the image, but he will. And these would be fairly easy to throw in the backpack to bring with to restaurants. We only have a black and white laser printer, so I actually cut my images out of my daughters' look and find activity pad (funny, I bought it as a bargain thing for maybe $7--it's listed as $25 now--definitely not worth that!).  You could use magazine images too or other recycled material.

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