Friday, February 3, 2012

DIY: Photo Valentines

I pinned this idea months ago! And when I took the kids' Christmas photos last year I made them take a few that we could use for Valentines this year. I think they turned out pretty darn cute! And I'm hoping they are fairly unique in their class. Also, I got them as 6 cent 3x5's from Ritz so all of them together cost me $3.80 with tax. Well, plus the suckers, but I'm pretty sure I would have spent that or more on store-bought Valentines.
I just used an Exacto knife to cut along the top and bottom of their hands to make the hole for the sucker. Easy peasy!
The photos of the photos aren't that great because I had to take them at night. My older daughter has to bring hers in tomorrow morning, so I had to quick grab them while I could. But you can get the idea. :-)

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  1. Your projects are great,so simple yet very cool. I'm definetly going to try these with my girls. Check out some of our crafty projects.