Sunday, May 26, 2013

Craft Project: Pour Paint Handmade Cards

We made a second round of pour-paint flower pots this spring, and while I was watching the paint drip down to the cardboard, I was mesmerized by the amazing pools of paint on the cardboard. I thought, "What a waste of paint!" and "How can I do something with these great pools of color?"
The pooling kind of reminded me of Suminagachi projects I'd seen. Which made me think of paper! So I grabbed some thick watercolor paper we had, cut it up into smaller squares and tried laying them gently in the paint. I used both hands to pick up the paper trying not to smoosh it into the paint too much.
The girls came out to see what I was doing, and they wanted to give it a try too!
Ella wanted a bit more control over what the paint was doing so she tried just touching the paper to the bottom of the pot as it dripped down.
The end result of this experiment was pretty fun and cool!
We used these as Mother's Day cards. Writing on the back. Sometimes I turned the paint image into something, like this butterfly for my Grandma's card.

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