Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer Sensory Play: Blue Water Table Fun

Now that it is finally getting warm enough to be outside, we have really been utilizing our water table and deck. My son is a bit of a wild man (to say the least) and VERY sensory seeking (hence being very active) so sometimes it's nice to just open the door and let him do what he wants on our deck. It's fully enclosed with no stairs or gate down to the yard. So it's like a giant play yard. Nice for me when I need to get something done in the kitchen, cook dinner, or work on school work with the girls. Kellan LOVES being out there. And he LOVES playing in the water table out there. We're starting a routine that at 8:30am the morning television watching ends, and after next week when the girls are home for the summer, we'll do our summer school work at that time. Kellan will play on the deck and all should be happy!

So this week I've started getting him used to this new routine. I'm doing a blue themed week. The other great thing about the water table is I can easily put some warm water from the kitchen sink in the table. This kind of extends the play a bit more.
 Playing with chalk in the water was fun because it turned the water blue!
 We have white beans in his sensory box in the house and he decided to add a handful to the table.
One day I did more of a sensory bin idea with putting blue objects in, including a magnet and magnetic discs. He really seemed to like that!
Look for some more fun water table ideas as the summer progresses! Now, if all our rain would just stop and we had a few more warmer, sunnier days, I definitely wouldn't complain!

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