Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sensory Activity: May Sensory Bin

I decided to do a sensory bin this month that was red/rescue vehicle themed! I hadn't used beans in awhile for box filler so I picked up some white beans at the store. Added some emergency vehicles, some wooden play pieces, magnetic dots and a magnetic tow truck piece from a puzzle we have, and there you have it!

Since I tend to keep our sensory box around for a month or so, I tend to switch things up a bit throughout the month. We started off with our new Flipzle puzzle in the box (I'll write a separate post on these fun and creative puzzles!). Then I removed it after some initial play.
I tend to overcrowd the sensory box at first because I come up with all these great things to have in there. But after initial photos, I tend to take some of it out. ;-)
Kellan likes this box quite bit. He mostly enjoys running his hands through the beans. But he always likes first investigating a sensory bin to see what I've included.
 He really liked the magnetic dots and tow truck magnet this time!
 He used the helicopter puzzle piece as a scooper.
 How the bin looked at the end of round 1 of play.
After a couple weeks, I taped some tubes to the side of the table. I thought it would be fun for him to pour the beans down the tubes. The clear tube is from our Marble Racers car track. He particularly liked being able to see the beans drop in the box through the tube.
 He experimented with using his hands and the scooper...


  1. Hi Holly!
    I saw a couple of hits on my Flipzles website that came from your blog, so I thought I'd check it out. How pleasantly surprised I was to see Flipzles being used in your sensory bin! I am the artist/creator of Flipzles and nothing makes me happier than seeing my puzzles put to great use! Thanks so much for the shout out.

  2. beautiful colors matching in every pictures..Its looks lovely.