Friday, July 20, 2012

2012: Mommy Art Camp--Doodle Birds

Note: I am hoping to put a PDF document together with all of our bird art camp projects in one place for anyone interested (though I'm not sure when I'll get it all done). With this in mind, I am not going to post quite as many photos or go into quite as many how-to details on these projects. But, the projects are fairly self-explanatory. :-)

We created what I called Doodle Birds during our bird camp this summer. We were inspired by this image on Artsonia.

 Ella made the above doodle bird this past spring just when she was looking for a project to do one night.
 She varied it this time to make three birds (I actually cut the birds out for her).
 We used our kool-aid dyed yarn make the motion lines.

 They drew between the lines with crayon and then painted with liquid water colors over it.

 Lily's doodle bird:
 Ella's doodle birds:

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