Friday, July 20, 2012

2012: Mommy Art Camp--Painted Peacocks

Note: I am hoping to put a PDF document together with all of our bird art camp projects in one place for anyone interested (though I'm not sure when I'll get it all done). With this in mind, I am not going to go into quite as many how-to details on these projects. But, the projects are fairly self-explanatory. :-)

This project was inspired from here, here and here.

The girls really LOVED this project, especially my 9 year old. She took her time and really got into this one. I LOVED how both of them turned out!
Before Ella painted her feathers she was very concerned about making sure they were exactly how she wanted them. So we worked together on a separate piece of paper. First, we figured out the color combination she wanted, then I helped teach her how the feathers might be painted. She practiced quite a bit before finally working on her painting. So fun to see your go through the artistic process!
She painted one color all the way around so that it would dry before adding the next color. This way the colors wouldn't blend together quite as much.

Here is my six year old's masterpiece:
And my nine year old's finished painting!
Aren't they both soooo gorgeous!!!! I just LOVE them!

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