Friday, July 20, 2012

2012: Mommy Art Camp--Toilet Paper Tube Owls

Note: I am hoping to put a PDF document together with all of our bird art camp projects in one place for anyone interested (though I'm not sure when I'll get it all done). With this in mind, I am not going to go into quite as many how-to details on these projects. But, the projects are fairly self-explanatory. :-)

I found these adorable owls on Pinterest (and also these and these) and thought the girls would get a kick out making something similar. The original project used scrapbooking supplies and tools to create the owls. I may be a crafter, but a scrapbooker I am not. So I didn't have any of these on hand except for the circle punches. Instead, we raided our recycled materials bin for toilet paper tubes. And I raided the local hardware store's paint chip display and we went to work!

Here are the parts you'll need to create your owl:
We punched the paint chip samples with a smaller circle punch.
 Then first painted the cardboard tube with white tempera paint.
 Then, they covered it with a paint color of their choice (We used our Biocolor paint).
 Here are the girls' pieces all set to go:
 They used glue dots to adhere their pieces to the cardboard tube.

 Last we added the eyes:
And here they have their super adorable paper tube owls:
 They played with them like finger puppets. And used their yarn bird nests too.

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