Monday, July 16, 2012

Craft Project: Kool-aid Dyed Yarn, Part 2--Solids

We also created solid color yarns with the kool-aid using a fairly similar process as the variegated yarn. The only difference is after we soaked the yarn in warm water and squeezed out the excess, we put it in a mason jar. Then, poured the kool-aid over it. We filled the jars about half-way to 2/3rds full with the kool-aid and then filled the rest of the jar with water to cover the yarn. I purposely did not shake the jar originally so that the bottom would be more saturated with color.
We microwaved the jar for 3 minutes, let it cool for 3 minutes and repeated the process several times.
The green color is Lemon-Lime, the blue is Blue Berry Twist. Below, the lighter pinkish color is pink lemonade and strawberry. The darker red is a mixture of black cherry and cherry.
Repeat the microwave process until the water runs clear and all of the dye is absorbed. After the first two repeats in the microwave, I added saran wrap over the top of the jar to speed up the process. At this point, I also shook the jar a little bit to make sure the dye was soaking into the middle of the skein.
 I think it's cute, my littlest one was curious about the jars on the table. He peeked out from the curtain until I told him it was ok to come look at the jars. :-)
 And here are our solid color skeins of dyed yarn:
 And ALL of our dyed yarn wound into center-pull balls ready to use:

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