Thursday, December 6, 2012

Handmade Holiday 2012: Pour Paint Ornaments

We have been on an ornament making frenzy around here! Not sure why this year we are so into making ornaments, but it sure has been fun! Maybe it has something to do with all the great ideas on Pinterest. ;-)

I've already written about pour paint ornaments in a post about my holiday craft workshop. But I thought I would elaborate more. The girls and I made quite a few more. We have two trees in our house. A large tree in our family room that has our Hallmark ornaments, ornaments from places we've visited, and special ornaments (like all of our Baby's First Christmas ornaments, etc). Then, we have a smaller tree that we usually put in our front window. I decided this year we should put it in our loft upstairs next to the art room. We usually have mostly cheapy, plastic-y, matchy ornaments on that tree that we bought a few years ago when we didn't have enough ornaments for two trees. Well, we've made enough ornaments this year to fill our small tree. And what fun to have handmade ornaments on a tree that is right next to our art room! :-)
 Hard at work!! Such concentration!
 Here are the pour paint ornaments that are now on our tree!
A few tips! Definitely put only a litle bit of paint in. You just have to be reeeeaaaallly patient. Just keep turning the ornament around and watch the paint swirl. The less paint you use, the more layered the ornaments will be. If you add a lot of paint, it won't be as swirled, just large areas of one color here and there.
And the best part is that we can enjoy them on our tree for a few weeks and then we can pick some to wrap up and give to people. And we can make new ones for the tree next year!

My daughter's girl scout troop also made some pour paint ornaments to sell at their holiday boutique. The girls did an amazing job! I was fascinated to see the color combinations the girls came up with. They also made super cute reindeer ornaments that I'll post about separately.
They put some colors together I never would have thought like red, metallic gold, and turquoise. I never would have suggested that and it turned out FABULOUS (see lower right in the photo below. Here are some of the more fun combos the girls came up with:
I also came across a glow-in-the-dark version of the pour paint ornaments! Oh swoon! Yes, I have already bought the paint, in case you had any doubt. Thank you Michael's 40% off coupon. I will update after we make some of these. I thought we might hang them in our south facing family room window. It receives full sunlight nearly all day! And yes, hello, my name is Holly and I'm officially addicted to making Christmas ornaments. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm insane. LOL!

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