Thursday, December 6, 2012

Handmade Holiday: Melted Crayon Ornaments

Remember our melted crayon pumpkin in October?? Well, the woman who posted that idea from The Swell Life, also tried melted crayons in ornaments! BRILLIANT! And though I LOVE how the pour paint ornaments turn out, they are quite a process with pouring paint, dumping paint, wiping off paint, waiting for paint to dry, etc. These, you can just make and hang on the tree immediately. Nothing else to them!

Just cut up small pieces of crayon. I found you truly need a tiny piece. Too big and I felt like it was too much. But you can experiment and see what appeals to your artistic spirit. I also used low on my hair dryer, but it takes a bit longer for it melt. You will need to be careful because the glass does get quite warm. I used a clothes pin to hold it and turn the ornament without having to touch it.
After doing a few abstract ornaments with color combos the girls chose, I realized that I didn't like when the colors melted together. Sometimes, the colors mixed together didn't look as pretty (to me) as the original solid colors. I was able to turn the ornament and roll the crayon in a manner that made a swirl on the glass. Oh, how I loved this!
You can do one color. Then place a new color in the clear part and make a new swirl between the lines you already made.
Here are our crayon ornaments!
I think the colors in the second set are my favorite, but I love them all. I REALLY love the rainbow ornaments. For the bottom right rainbow swirl, I made one swirl with tiny pieces of each color. I added the new color in a continuous swirl all the way around.
I could have kept making these all day! There was something uber relaxing about this process to me. Definitely more of these in our future!

As we were creating all of these ornaments, I came across this on Pinterest, which inspired me to do this (please ignore my incredibly wrinkly tablecloth) in our living room/dining room:
It's fairly simple, but I LOVE it! And it shows off some of our ornaments on the main level (since our art tree is upstairs in our loft).

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