Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Handmade Holiday: DIY Craft Gift Kits

I came across a blog post on Little Stories that talked about giving gifts. It was interesting to think about giving gifts that were more outside the box. However, a post in the comments really caught my attention. Someone suggested giving a project of some kind to do. A DIY kit. She suggested a t-shirt and fabric markers. BRILLIANT! My girls are in first and third grade. Perfect age for this sort of project! All of my daughters' friends will be receiving that as a birthday gift for the next year. :-)

You could put together the same thing if you have a grade-school age girl on your holiday gift list this year.

I also put together a DIY Playsilks kit for a friend's daughter this Christmas. It includes white playsilks that I ordered from Dharma Trading Company, packs of kool-aid, clothspins, and instructions that I printed from Vanessa at Tried and True. She also has a GREAT image of color combinations with the kool-aid.
I included clothespins to use to clip the playsilks to things. I also suggested adding in a bed sheet so she could make a fort.

I sent a friend who knits a DIY kool-aid dyed yarn kit. I wound yarn into long skeins for her already. I also included a couple squirt bottle, kool-aid and instructions from our blog post in July.

You can create DIY kits for just about anything as long as you know what the recipient is interested in. Get creative! You're not only giving them the supplies but creating an opportunity for a fun experience as well! Much more fun than just getting a store-bought gift. :-)

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