Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toddler Sensory Activity: Holiday Sensory Bin

I collected a bunch of holiday themed items from Dollar Tree in November but I wasn't quite sure what I was going to use for filler for the sensory bin. Until, I saw peppermint scented rice at Growing a Jeweled Rose. PERFECT!

Here's the rice drying out:
I put a bit too much peppermint extract and thought it was a bit overwhelming So I added a bit of vanilla extract too and that made a perfect combination. My daughter came home from school and asked me why I made the rice orange. Nice! She wasn't supposed to notice that it was more of an orange-red rather than a holiday red. ;-) I had used our Colorations liquid watercolors to color it and I don't have a true red so I used the peach color. I guess it does look a bit orange. Oh well. :-)
Pretty much everything in the photos except the Little People and the ice cube tray came from Dollar Tree. LOVE that store! Above is the sensory bin and below is more of a sorting bin.
Kellan likes to combine everything though!
 Checking out the new bin after he got up from his nap.
 Oooh! What's in here?
 He immediately started playing with the little presents.
 And he was excited to show big sister when she got home from school.
 Jingle bells! Shake shake shake!!
 Shoveling with his hand
Both Kellan and Ella came back to this about three times that first day! So I'd say it was a big hit. And they have played with it pretty often since then.
They always like when the light table is on underneath the bin for an added sensory experience. And I loved that I could incorporate the sense of smell with the peppermint/vanilla extract and the sense of hearing with the jingle bells.

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