Monday, February 18, 2013

Glow Sensory Activity: Baked Cotton Balls--Part Two

In Part One, I showed how to make baked cotton balls and how we played with them with tools. Anyone who frequents this blog will know I often do activities I find on Pinterest. However, this time, I think I may have come up with this on my own. I don't believe I've seen it anywhere before. I decided to use neon paint to make our baked cotton balls. I thought it would be super fun to play with them under the blacklight.

 These were my test cotton balls to see how they would work.
And even though we did the dipping of our cotton balls in natural light, Look at the paint tray under the blacklight! You could definitely do this project under the blacklight for added sensory fun!
And here they are during our playtime:
 The outside glows and the inside is fluffy and soft!
 My son LOVED this!
I have a few more play ideas for these glow cotton balls. I'll be sharing them in the near future!

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