Thursday, February 14, 2013

Glow Sensory Activity: Introducing Blacklight!

I have been seeing "glow" activities all over my Pinterest boards. Mainly from a wonderful blog called Growing a Jeweled Rose. She has soooo many glow ideas it's incredible! I asked for a blacklight for Christmas so I could do some of these fun sensory rich activities with my kids. If you're interested at all, I created a "Glow Activities" board on Pinterest. Head on over and follow it!

We started off by just playing and experimenting one Saturday morning.
We tried the Lite Brite without turning it on. This was really fun and as Kellan gets older, I can see him getting into making Lite Brite patterns with the blacklight.
The girls were pretty excited to see their neon nail polish glow!
I found these neon pop beads at Dollar Tree and thought they might be a great thing under the blacklight. And boy was I right! They glowed MAGNIFICIENTLY!
Though I don't have a picture of it, you can stick them in the Lite Brite holes too! You could make wonderful pop bead mosaics or mandalas!

Lastly, we played with drawing under the blacklight. I bought Crayola's EXTREME ULTRA BRIGHT markers thinking they would be great under the blacklight. But alas, they were a disappointment. The yellow, green and pink worked pretty well. But the Dollar Tree highlighters I had worked so much better. My advice, skip the Crayola ultra bright markers.
All in all, experimenting with the blacklight took up a good 45min to an hour of our morning! Just wait! More GLOW activities coming your way soon!

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