Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sensory Activity: Valentine Sensory Bin

I was first introduced to the idea of sensory bins last year around this time. The very first one I ever put together was a Valentine themed one. Here's a photo of last year's bin:
This year, I just did a variation of the same bin. I added more Epsom salt and a cardboard tube to pour into or drop hearts/gems in. Kellan has taken to bringing his cars and trains to the bin and running them through the salt as well.
The cloud dough last month was a big hit for my 9 year old, but I think a little TOO MUCH sensory experience for Kellan. He played with it a bit, but did not come back to it over and over again. So I wanted to make sure to use a filler this month that I knew he would like. He has come back to this bin every day for the last week. 
So cute, Kellan started looking through the cardboard tube like a telescope. Looking at the various pieces in the bin (that's my hand in the photo though). ;-)
 And then at me! Peek a boo!
LOVE just watching him play and how his mind works. Yep, pick up that translucent heart and look at the world in red!
 Happy Valentine's to everyone!!

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